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Real flowers,

pure fruit juice


with no colourings, flavourings or preservatives

Sparkling and rich

in vitamine C


Organic lemonade with hand-picked elderflowers

Organic  and low in sugar compared to other soft drinks



330 ml  
premium floral
soft drink

The only elderflower lemonade produced in Belgium



Flowered by RoomeR

This is Jeroen. He has been fascinated all his life by the abundance of nature. He started concocting natural potions in his teens. His granny, Maria, was happy to let him use her home and garden to experiment with new drinks. She also gave him her elderflower cordial recipe that is the secret behind RoomeR, a delicious, natural and honest elderflower aperitif. RoomeR has been brewed and bottled in the RoomeR factory since 2004, in its own quirky way, with respect for nature. RoomeR is all about people: those who make it and those who love it. Jeroen and his team aim to offer a top-quality crafted product.


Elder, elderflower, elderflowerest

For Jeroen, vlieRonade means going back to where it all began. A lemonade made from natural elderflower cordial with only the best ingredients. The drink has come full circle, it feels like a logical move in the line of natural brews. A premium floral soft drink. A delicious, refreshing pressé with elderflowers in the starring role. Because the elder has stolen Jeroen’s heart. The obstinate shrub with its blossoms and berries is still coming up with endless combinations of flavours. Elder is a source of infinite pleasure!

Flower power limo

Jeroen and his team continue to uphold the RoomeR factory work ethic for vlieRonade. They create their drinks with a love of nature, humanity and quality. This elderflower lemonade is crafted with pure and pristine ingredients. We pick the flowers, squeeze the lemons and stir our cauldron. And you can taste it! The Brew Society in Heule helps with the canning.



Vitamine C

Did you know that one can of vlieRonade contains as much vitamin C as one and a half oranges?


The elder bushes bloom every year in May and June. Then there’s no stopping us: we gather our harvest of fresh flowers. We harvest the organic elderflowers for our vlieRonade from the pick-your-own-fruit farm Pur Fruit in Oeselgem.


The flavour of the elderflowers is captured with the help of natural sugars. We use a mixture of organic fruit sugar, glucose and sucrose to make vlieRonade. We deliberately keep the sugar content low.


Pick your own

Do you want to pick your own elderflowers too? Go for it!


Here are six tips:

Tip 1

Always pick them in the morning. That is when the elder sap is rising and the flavour of the flowers is at its best.

Tip 2

Choose an elder tree in the middle of the countryside, far from the road and any possible pollution.


Tip 3

Only pick as many flowers as you need. Leave enough flowers on each tree to turn into berries later on, so the birds have something to eat.

Tip 6

Don’t rinse your flowers, because you will lose the real flower flavour.

And that’s not the idea!

Tip 4

It’s best not to pick them in the rain. Wet flowers turn brown quickly.


In folk medicine, elder is also called ‘the people’s medicine cabinet’. Every part of this shrub has beneficial properties. The flower, berry, leaf and bark all have healing and restorative powers.  

Tip 5

Ready? Leave your flowers to dry for an hour before use. That gives any tiny bugs a chance to escape. 

Why a canned drink?

In an ideal world, you’d jump on a bike and drink your local drink straight from the keg at a brewery, bar or store. But our world isn’t quite ready for that just yet. And sometimes it just isn’t practical. Step 2 is to opt for a can or glass bottle. We spent a long time deciding whether to use cans or glass bottles for our vlieRonade. It was a different decision to the one we had to make for RoomeR bottles, which can be reused and contain more drink. There are pros and cons to both cans and glass bottles. As a small producer, we can’t set up a deposit system for small bottles. We ended up opting for cans because they are 100% recyclable: they can be recycled infinitely and the recycling chain is shorter. What’s more, cans are easier to stack, which makes them easier to transport in large quantities, which in turn leads to lower emissions.


vlieRonade is the refreshing new member of the RoomeR family

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